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Bee Fresh Aftershave

From Our Beeline Skin Care Collection

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Bee Fresh Aftershave

Bee Fresh Aftershave

NEW! Aftershave

Bee Fresh
Aftershave: $36

(5 oz.)

Contains our signature 'Bee Fresh' skin bracer/toner but in a beautiful amber glass bottle.

  1. Remove the cover – the shaker top will let you dispense enough aftershave into your hands.
  2. Apply to freshly shaven face.

Made with witch hazel, which is a natural antiseptic, and honey it will soothe the skin after shaving and prevent rash. Lightly scented with 'Nectar of the Bees.'

This bottle is refillable with Bee Fresh in the frosted bottle.

Components: Hamamalis virginiana (witch hazel), distilled water, raw honey with royal jelly, essential oils, glycerin. 5oz.

Our Bee Line Skin Care Products use earth-friendly ingredients and pure essential oils with spa-like scents. Unlike intrusive fragrance oils, which are generated from petrochemicals, our products are gentle for human use and the environment.

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